Widely recognized as one of the top language schools in Costa Rica, Intercultura has a variety of Spanish programs for all ages and learners.

You’ll get to know Costa Rica, its traditions and its rich cultural heritage by participating in our daily cultural activities and events. On a larger scale, we hope to promote global awareness and tolerance through this sharing of cultures. We believe that participation in programs such as this one teach not only a new language, but also effective tools for communication and understanding in the constantly evolving world culture in which we live.

You can learn Spanish in Costa Rica with Intercultura’s internationally recognized Spanish programs, offered year-round at both city and beach campuses. Each Spanish course is designed for full immersion in real-life contexts and social interactions.

What do students like to do in their free time when studying at Intercultura?

Our students have all different interests, for example;


  • some like hanging out at the central park in Heredia playing dominoes with the locals;
  • some like going to university bars and meeting “tico” students;
  • others like going to San José for theatre, art openings and concerts;
  • others prefer to get involved in sports activities like yoga, football (soccer) or basketball, swimming in the Olympic-sized pool one block from us, or going to the gym
  • those who love languages sometimes choose to join our Portuguese classes or volunteer with ESL


  • students can learn to surf and/ or surf one of the area’s many beaches,
  • go horse-riding down the beach, mountain-biking or hiking to nearby beaches or forests, zip-lining, doing yoga, kayaking to the island,
  • some students like to just hang out and enjoy the beautiful beach.
  • others choose to volunteer in our communities
  • some enjoy playing soccer on the beach or at the synthetic field with their Spanish teachers.
  • some like to go out with their fellow language-learning friends, play pool or darts, trying out the local “bocas” (typical dishes) at a beachside bar or restaurant.

And lastly, almost all our students like to explore Costa Rica, whether going to a volcano, park, beach or rainforest, there is always somewhere new and exciting within easy reach for both weekend and day trips.

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