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Using Data to Pick up the Pieces of the Puzzle

It is Tuesday morning; I am at my desk that is smothered by books, research, sticky notes, and who knows what else. I am on another call with one of our dual-language (DL) leaders whose words are tinged with sheer overwhelm that refuses to stay underneath the surface. It was the sixth call from a DL leader since Monday. For...

Sociocultural Competence in Action

Close up of three college friends standing in the street with arms around each other. Cheerful boys and a girl wearing college bags having fun walking outdoors.
Dual-language bilingual education (DLBE) programs, at the core, are about serving students who have been linguistically and culturally marginalized in U.S. schools (Izquierdo and Medina, in press). However, it is also important to understand that as DLBE has increased in popularity, the ideas of equity and social justice as focal points have been lost in translation for some who...
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