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Support Native Language Center to Help Fight COVID-19

Ethnic flag of the the Diné (Navajo) Nation where COVID-19 has spread rapidly Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) is calling for the inclusion of a provision in the next coronavirus relief bill to establish a Native American Language Resource Center (NALRC) to support Native American language education schools and programs hit hard by COVID-19.

Navajo Nation Loosens Language Requirement for Leadership

Recently, the collective voice of the Navajo Nation passed a referendum to change the language requirements for the positions of tribal president and vice president. The referendum eliminates the need for potential leaders to be fluent in Navajo, giving voters more freedom in who they can elect for office. Starting with the 2018 election, there will be a possibility...

May The Fourth Be With You, In Navajo

The anticipation for the upcoming addition to the Star Wars movie franchise makes this year's Star Wars Day particularly lively. According to the origin story on the official Star Wars website recognized by Lucasfilm, the phrase was first used on May 4, 1979, the day Margaret Thatcher took office as UK prime minister. The Conservative party allegedly placed an...
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