January 2007

    January 2007 Cover
    January 2007 Cover


    The World as We Speak
    Our forum for changes in world languages

    Introducing Mandarin at School

    The Chinese Tidal Wave in Schools
    Andrew Corcoran offers a plan to help schools avoid a wipeout in their rush to implement Chinese programs

    Two-Way Bilingual Success

    Kathryn Lindholm-Leary, Linda Hardman, and Paula Meyer present the results of TWBI school programs and the impact they have had on students

    Taking the Route to a Silk Tongue

    As the demand for Chinese, particularly Mandarin, soars, Hannah Zeiler suggests immersion destinations for students of all ages

    Roadrunner English

    Steven Donahue introduces his monthly series of literacy exercises designed to be used as a supplement to kick-start students’ progress

    World Views
    Domenico Maceri wants immigrant parents to be educated on the realities of bilingual education


    Last Writes
    Richard Lederer tests your wordsmarts