April 2007

    April 2007 Cover
    April 2007 Cover


    The World as We Speak
    Our forum for changes in world languages

    Creating a New and Improved NCLB Act

    As Congress debates reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act, The Institute for Language and Education Policy presents its recommendations for reform

    One Million Americans Studying Abroad

    Language Magazine pledges its support for a visionary new bill seeking to create globally educated Americans

    RoadRunner Irregular English Verbs

    Cowboy Up! Steven Donahue breaks the broken-backed verb mountain

    Resourceful Interaction

    Sarah E. Dietrich explains how to make the most of an authentic information gap

    Facets of Spain

    Hannah Zeiler does a whirlwind tour of Spain’s hottest Spanish immersion destinations

    A Latin Network is Born

    Our features editor reports on the arrival of a Spanish Language Public Broadcasting Services

    World Views
    Domenico Maceri on heritage languages as a national resource


    Last Writes
    Richard Lederer on the lyrical Irish tongue