July 2007

July 2007 Cover
July 2007 Cover


The World as We Speak
Our forum for changes in world languages

Language Teaching 101
Christine Lanphere, Language Teacher of the Year, explains how getting the best from students can be as simple as ABCD

Spain: A Quilt of Many Cultures
Comprised of a patchwork of ancient kingdoms, every region offers its own unique flavor of Spanish culture asLilah Davies offers a taste of its most exciting destinations

La Belle France
There can be few experiences more appealing than studying French in France, so Hannah Zeiler is hard pressed to choose between its delightful destinations

Learning Spanish in a Pearl
Ben Simons samples the charm of Guadalajara as a Spanish learning destination

Global English
Steven Donahue investigates the devolution of English into the simpler, international form of Globish

Isabel Schon on stories in Spanish for the very young

Last Writes
Richard Lederer on the July four play