September 2013

    September 2013 Cover

    Leveling the Playing Field
    Tina Walker sees the closing of the digital divide as key to overcoming the achievement gap

    Mutual Understanding
    Clorinda Donato and Pierre Escudé explain how intercomprehension is the basis for their Multilingual Romance Languages Learning Project

    In for the Long Haul
    Mary Soto, Yvonne S. Freeman, and David Freeman offer strategies to help understand and support secondary long-term English learners

    Grade Expectations
    Language Magazine finds out what’s being done to fairly accommodate English learners in the Common Core assessments

    Making Conversation Stick
    Laurie A. Massery offers practical tips to make the most out of talking in any language

    A Recipe for ELL Student Success
    Mary Anne Mather explains how careful analysis of test data can facilitate changes to help close the achievement gap

    Last Writes
    Richard Lederer takes us to the home of rhetoric


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