California Adopts First English Framework Based on Common Core

Today, the California State Board of Education adopted the English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework for California Public Schools (Framework). This is the first time in the nation that a state has adopted dual guidelines in one publication for both English language arts and English language development.



  1. The common core calls for “phonetics” for k-1, but dictionary phonetics is too complex and is not used for kids. Instead, truespel phonetics was designed to be US English friendly and suitable for kids and ESL learners. It is the missing link between phonics and phonetics. See to see how truespel can show the frequency of phonemes in print.
    Truespel is free as my gift for noncommercial use. It can be learned by teachers in less than an hour, and they can easily write phonetically for the first time. Or instead they can use the two-way converter at to create phonetics, because phonetics isn’t difficult anymore.

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