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Broadreach Spanish Immersion

From villages along the Inca Trail in Peru and Ecuador to the charming mountain towns of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, it is the real-world experiences Broadreach students have outside of the classroom that set their Spanish immersion programs apart. Students take part in authentic cultural workshops, homestays with village families, and meaningful and sustainable volunteer opportunities with community-based organizations. Locations are off the tourist-beaten path, which enables students to have a truly immersive experience they would not get in highly traveled tourist destinations. In Ecuador, students have the opportunity to volunteer in local health clinics, which provides them with a unique venue to practice their Spanish and lets them give back to a community that gives them so much throughout their stay. The weeklong homestay allows students to do more than visit a culture, but to actually live that culture. Peru not only has students trekking the ancient path of the Incas, but provides them with a unique opportunity to work at a biological research station with a Broadreach partner organization, the Amazon Conservation Association, on service projects that have a huge environmental impact on the Amazon River ecosystem. In Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the zip lines of the jungle canopies and rapids of the Rio Pacuare provide an adventurous backdrop for practicing Spanish in real-world situations.

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