Ecela Spanish

    Ecela Spanish, with language immersion institutes in Santiago and Viña del Mar, Chile, plus schools in Argentina and Peru, promises to take novice students to near Spanish fluency in five to seven months. Their distinct teaching approach centers on learning by speaking, with 60% of class time spent in conversation “micro groups” of only four students. Cinema Latino movie nights, “turbo privados” (one student, two teachers), and conversation exchanges with locals enhance the intensive and enjoyable learning experience. Because Ecela attracts students from all over the world, people often cite their unexpected, international new friendships as the program highlight. A yearly reunion weekend is held each March, rotating between Argentina, Chile, and Peru. The event is exclusive to “Familia Ecela” (ex–Ecela students and past and current staff members). Although most students arrive as beginners or intermediates, Ecela is also popular with Spanish instructors looking for skill enrichment.  During summer 2015, a special seminar will give 16 educators a chance to experience Chilean culture and boost their teaching skills. The special program is exclusively for Spanish instructors whose native language is not Spanish.