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Curing Initiative Fatigue

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Millions for Linguistic Research

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The Institute of Education Sciences has granted more than $100 million for education research across a wide array of subjects and topics. Over one-fourth of the 57 grants for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 funded through IES’ National Center for Education Research (NCER) were for projects that concentrated on language and literacy acquisition, including:

Education Technology

Uno, Dos, Tres, Listos! Monitoring Kindergarten Readiness Bilingually, Univ. of Houston, Elena Grigorenko; Response-to-Text Tasks to Assess Students’ Use of Evidence and Organization in Writing: Using Natural Language Processing for Scoring Writing and Providing Feedback At-Scale, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Litman; Early Learning Programs and Policies Development of the Bilingual Assessment of Phonological Sensitivity, Columbia Univ., Hammer; Efficacy of the BrightStart! Program for Promoting Emergent Literacy Skills of PreKindergarten Children at Risk for Reading Difficulties, OH State Univ, Piasta; Expanding Early Language and Literacy Spanish Individual Growth and Development Indicators to Monitor Progress: PM-S-IGDIs, Univ. of MN, Wackerle-Hollman; Making Progress with Progress Monitoring: Developing Early Literacy and Language Individual and Growth Development Indicators as Progress Monitoring Tools, Univ. of MN, Wackerle-Hollman; Expanding Individual Growth and Development Indicators of Language and Early Literacy for Universal Screening in Multi-Tiered Systems of Support with Three-Year-Olds, Univ. of MN, McConnell

Reading and Writing

Exploration of Writing Instruction for Kindergarten Children University of Cincinnati, Ying Guo
Efficacy Evaluation of Zoology One: Kindergarten Research Labs University of Pennsylvania, Abigail Gray; The Scale Up of Promoting Adolescents Comprehension of Text University of Texas, Austin, Gregory Roberts; Efficacy of the Core Knowledge Language Arts Listening and Learning Read Aloud Program in Kindergarten through Second Grade Classrooms University of Virginia, Sonia Cabell

English Learners

A Multisite Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) of Descubriendo la Lectura (DLL) Topic Area: English learners American Institutes for Research (AIR), Trisha BormanInvestigating the Efficacy of a Web-Based Early Reading Intervention Professional Development Program for K-1 English Learners University of Delaware, Steven Amendum; Cognitive and Motivational Contributors to Reading Comprehension in English Learners (ELs) and English Monolinguals (EMs): Different or Similar Growth Patterns
University of Maryland, College Park, Ana Taboada Barber
IES is currently accepting applications for FY 2017 education and special education research grants. The deadline is August 4.

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