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Margarita Calderón, Leticia M. Trower, and Lisa Tartaglia...

Curing Initiative Fatigue

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Online Interactive Japanese has launched a comprehensive Japanese program that includes grammar, vocabulary, and exercises for learning how to read and write the complex Japanese characters, creating an integrated learning experience that allows users to advance at their own paces.
Erik Gerrits, founder of, says, “Our courses are more thorough than any other online platform, and we help language students to learn with maximum efficiency, without forgetting anything. With features like text and video chat with other users, as well as new lessons added regularly, our course is perfect for those who are serious about learning the Japanese language.”
Lessons begin with an explanation of a new grammar point. Students then practice this grammar, along with some new vocabulary, by translating sentences from English to Japanese, with help to correct mistakes and keep students on the right track.
All of the Japanese sentences in the course are accompanied with audio recordings by a native speaker to make sure that users will learn to correctly pronounce Japanese. There are also comprehensive lessons on writing and reading Japanese characters, with the ability to trace characters using the mouse or touchscreen.
Mr. Gerrits adds, “We’re continuously updating our courses to make them as effective as possible. In the future, we plan to add more reading and writing practice to all of our courses. An exciting feature we plan to introduce is to let users write their own short stories and correct those of other users—a challenge which will really test their command of the language skills they have developed.” has huge ambitions for the future. The company hopes to digitize the entire theoretical part of the precollege school curriculum within five years. The goal is to enable students to interactively learn all subjects at a speed and level that’s right for them, utilizing materials crafted by top educators. According to Mr. Gerrits, they will be able to learn twice as fast in this way, and with less exertion and more enjoyment.

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