December 2016

    Inside December 2016 Issue:

    2017 Year Planner  Your one stop shop for conferences, workshops, grants, scholarships, and dates for 2017

    Study Abroad Guide Language Magazine’sguide to the major international education events in 2017

    Opening Doors Take a look inside the 2016 report

    Finding the X Factor  Shlomy Kattan and Liza McFadden explain to Daniel Ward how a revolutionary, new approach to the age-old problem improving adult literacy might just work

    Translanguaging Success into PracticeDavid Freeman, Mary Soto, and Yvonne Freeman advocate using translanguaging to improve educational outcomes for emergent bilinguals

    Redefining Inclusive Education Frances Stetson offers guidance to improve the educational experience for all at-risk students


    1. Dear sir
      As a teacher of French and English I d like to ask you if you can send me by post some old copies of
      Language magazine please.
      Sincerely yours,
      Mr messaoud BENAISSA
      Phobic 05

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