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myON Launches New Data Reports Allowing Educators to Measure Reading with Reading

myON, leading provider of digital literacy solutions, has enhanced its reporting capabilities to include opportunities for goal-setting, reporting, and literacy emojis. The new features are designed to inspire students to develop a love for reading, support their reading goals by providing a personalized pathway to success.

The real-time, actionable data allows teachers time to provide students the necessary guidance they need to make progress. myON’s original reporting features (such as time spent reading, number of books opened and completed, and Lexile® growth) are still available, along with additional reports to measure reading habits, word count, project involvement, news article consumption, and more.

With the embedded Literacy Toolkit, students can now use emojis to mark passages in the text to express their thoughts and feelings. The codes help students remember connections they’ve made to the text, or respond to the text in a personal way. For example, students can place a star on a passage that is important or a heart to confirm what they thought.

Administrators and teachers can Measure Reading With Reading rather than just test scores by setting goals for up to 14 different data measurements, including average minutes read per week, time spent reading outside of school, Lexile® growth, and more. Goals are highlighted on the student and teacher dashboards and can be analyzed in myON’s reporting platform to ensure that students stay on track. This data can also be used to celebrate reading success as students reach their goals.

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