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Ivannia Soto was an exemplary scholar-practitioner. Her scholarly contributions are impressive and include 14 published books, but perhaps even more impressive was her dedication...

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Spanish with a Mayan Touch

Language Magazine explores tempting immersion Spanish programs in the diverse landscapes of Mexico and Guatemala


Lengua & Cultura Spanish School
Lengua & Cultura is a Spanish School in Mexico City that offers a full immersion program. The program guarantees an experience tailored to students’ needs. Students will take a combination of private tuition and group classes and carry out real-life tasks with the help of one or more coaches provided by the school. These tasks are an addition that helps students master the language while enjoying the region’s rich culture.

The teachers are all native speakers, have accreditation, and are experienced in teaching. The teaching at this school is mainly conversational, without disregarding other methods. They have a logical progressive curriculum based on the Common European
Framework. The school is located in an international area in Mexico City (Condesa-Roma neighborhood), near the U.S. Embassy, where many diplomats and officials live. In fact, the school has taught several ambassadors. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Oaxaca International Language School
Oaxaca International Language School is a small school located in the midst of the city of Oaxaca, Mexico, which UNESCO has declared a cultural heritage site for humanity. They teach Spanish as a second language at seven different levels to kids, teenagers, and adults and train foreign teachers and directors to help them improve the language and acquire new teaching methods.

Small groups with a maximum of four students are an advantage for those who wish to have more personal attention. Grammar, conversation, writing, and listening comprehension are included.

Teachers are certified by the Oaxaca University and are native Oaxacans with vast experience. The workbook for each teaching level was written by the founder and the teachers themselves. They consider a cultural approach and let the students not only learn the language but also the culture.

The complementary cultural activities, twice per week, allow students to have a unique experience practicing the language and experiencing the culture. Some activities include excursions to artisan villages, tortilla workshops, walks through the city, and Mexican or Oaxacan cuisine workshops. To learn more, visit

CICU Spanish School Cuernavaca
CICU Spanish School is set in the heart of Mexico in the city of Cuernavaca, the capital of the state of Morelos. Students can learn Spanish and Mexican culture or improve Spanish. Solo students, couples, and families are accepted and can join a safe environment by living with a host family within the city of Cuernavaca.

CICU is dedicated to the teaching of Spanish to people from all over the globe. Their strong academic program and unique location combine to offer distinct advantages to students.
CICU Spanish School has a prime location near to downtown, close to markets, restaurants, and multiple sites of interest.

The coordinator has a hands-on approach to running the program, and his response to questions or needs is immediate. Personnel are real people who have a dedicated interest in the success and well-being of students. A weekly schedule blends culture, tours, and social activities into the curriculum to produce an appealing calendar of events for students. Classes are well organized, run on time, and can be flexible and allow adjustments as needed. For more information, visit
Oasis Surf and Spanish School
Oasis is more than just a Spanish school. Oasis is a feeling, an experience, and above all, a family that the students become a part of. Oasis teachers are native Spanish speakers, highly trained, and professionally certified. No matter students’ ages or levels, Oasis tailors a course specifically for them based on their personal goals. They also integrate traditional instruction with alternative learning methods and cultural excursions outside of the classroom to make lessons fun, engaging, and applied in a real-life context.

The location is a cozy tropical paradise called Puerto Escondido. The town is home to internationally renowned beaches, restaurants, nightlife, lively local culture, and much more. Students who choose Oasis have the option to combine a learning package to include surfing too. The crew of surf instructors at Oasis are all experienced surfers, lifeguards, and swimmers ready to share their passion for the waves while keeping students safe and smiling. Students who choose to surf while learning Spanish leave Oasis having exercised both their minds and bodies.

The school offers an ample schedule every day of the week with flexible timeslots so students can book lessons according to their agendas and their budgets. They also have a variety of accommodation options available to suit solo travelers, couples, families, or groups. The school can create a custom package to suit a variety of student needs. Visit for more information.

ASLI Spanish Language Institute
As one of the most highly respected language programs in their region, the ASLI Spanish Language Institute of Cuernavaca provides excellent Spanish instruction while encouraging students to experience Mexico’s flavors, sounds, and culture.

Since 1990, the school has trained diplomats, executives, doctors, government officials, students, artists, travelers, and people who simply want to brush up on their Spanish skills.
When studying Spanish in Mexico, students gain fluency and make new friends from Mexico and from all over the world. Whether you are a beginning student, looking to elevate your speaking skills, a professional boosting your career by mastering conversational Spanish, or a curious traveler hoping for a unique language-learning experience, the school has a Spanish-immersion curriculum that will cater to your goals.

Courses include:
Spanish for Professionals
Spanish for Travel and Leisure
Spanish for Education and Credit
Basic Spanish Course

Visit for more information.

Spanish Immersion School
Spanish Immersion School in Oaxaca provides some of the highest-rated Spanish classes in Oaxaca. They offer personalized one-on-one classes with a professional and certified teaching staff. Their teachers create the curriculum based on students’ interests, pace, and needs, and all teachers are prepared to work with beginning as well as more intermediate and advanced Spanish speakers.

Additionally, they are committed to showing students the great beauty Oaxaca has to offer in and around the city and use these tours to create additional learning opportunities. Their classes take place in cafes, parks, and libraries around Oaxaca City or in the homestays of their students. They also offer various day trips with knowledgeable and local guides. Their excursions to Oaxaca’s surrounding ruins and artisan towns are given in Spanish so that students can continue to learn and practice with teachers and makers alike.

They believe in building community with and among students to foster a supportive learning environment. Many of their students continue to study with their teachers long after visiting in Oaxaca, taking their online one-on-one classes via Skype, which often lead to additional visits to Oaxaca. Visit for more information.

Since 1980, the center for linguistic and multicultural studies has been a leader in teaching Spanish to foreign students.

Their goal is to help students bring themselves closer to fluency, while teaching them the invaluable lessons involved in getting to know a new culture. Year after year, new students get to know them for the first time, and former students return to continue their Spanish studies. Their time-tested methods and dedication to students have helped to attract students from nearly every continent on the planet. Whether it is a one-week program or an entire semester, they will do everything in their power to make students’ stays unforgettable.


La Unión Spanish School
La Unión Spanish School of Antigua Guatemala is made up of experienced and committed Guatemalan Spanish teachers. They first earned their stripes preparing Peace Corps volunteers in the Spanish language and have since broadened their student base. They have successfully instructed hundreds of students from all over the world in Spanish.
With more than 23 years of experience, one-on-one instruction is their specialty to ensure that students receive the attention and practice required to truly learn Spanish.

The colonial building in which the school is housed is set in a beautiful and relaxing garden.
Throughout the years, La Unión has built a strong expertise in implementing encompassing programs that include language classes, volunteer work, cultural activities, trips, and lodging with Guatemalan families. Whether students come solo, in a group, with a university, or with an organization, La Unión can plan for a great experience abroad.

MAA Spanish School
Miguel Angel Asturias Spanish School in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, offers 25 hours of private one-on-one instruction, a homestay with all meals, and activities for only $165 USD per week. Using their interactive immersion method, students speak for hours a day and can make vast progress in a short amount of time. In addition to learning the language, students also learn about life in Guatemala and Latin America and have the opportunity to find a deeper understanding of that part of the world.

Many of their teachers have been there for ten years or longer. Each one has a unique perspective based on a broad array of specialties and experiences to lend to in-class discussions of a wide range of topics.

A founding principle of the school is to give back to the community. They offer students the opportunity to share their skills, interests, and enthusiasm helping the people of Guatemala while practicing and improving their Spanish.

Their highly regarded Medical Spanish program combines intensive general Spanish instruction with specialized instruction focused on medical terminology and situations. It is ideal for doctors, nurses, medical school students, pre-med students, emergency medical technicians, and others in the health-care fields. Students may also choose to volunteer in a rural hospital or clinic. Their Veterinary Medical Spanish program has a similar structure and volunteer options. Visit to learn more.

Ixchel Spanish School
Founded in 1999, Ixchel Spanish School quickly established itself as one of the leading Spanish schools in Antigua Guatemala. Their friendly and experienced staff assist students with all aspects of their stay in Antigua, from accommodation with local families or hotels to airport transfers, weekend tours, and extracurricular activities.

Spanish courses at Ixchel are one on one, which allows teachers to fully concentrate on individual students and adapt the lessons to their needs, interests, and learning styles. All their teachers are native Spanish speakers and have many years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language. They take an active interest in the progress of their students and do whatever they can to help them reach the goals they have set for themselves.

Aside from General Spanish courses, they offer a variety of special courses, e.g., Medical Spanish, Business Spanish, Spanish for Travelers, Spanish for Flight Attendants and Other Travel Professionals, and DELE Preparation. Their schedules are very flexible. Students can begin anytime and take from two to eight hours of lessons a day.
Visit to learn more.


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