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Newspaper Keeps Italian Alive in Tunisia

exists today mostly due to Finzi’s single-handed efforts to keep it afloat. Although a professor at La Manouba University, on the outskirts of Tunis, she still finds time to edit, write stories, print the paper, and every few days, update the website.

Omar Bellicini, a Rome-based Algerian-Italian journalist, recently contributed a column in which he urged Italians living in Tunisia to serve as a bridge between the opposite shores of the Mediterranean. Omar grew up in Tunisia for the most part, though not as a member of the historic community. “I’ve always read the Corriere,” he told Al-Monitor. “It’s an institution for Italians who have lived in Tunisia.”

Il Corriere, mainly covering Tunisian news, is today the only Italian-language publication in the Arab world. Its readership does not exceed 3,000. Finzi concedes that it is at times difficult to find the funds to sustain it. The Tunisian Italian community amounts to less than 800 people.

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