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Have Fun Learning

If kids are having fun while learning a language, it is much more likely they will enjoy it and want to keep learning. One language-learning startup that takes this to heart is Linguacious, an award-winning company started in 2017 by two multicultural and multilingual parents raising their kids trilingually, using the OPOL method (one parent, one language). The father, Victor D. O. Santos, PhD, is an applied linguist and language-learning expert who, in addition to being at the forefront of Linguacious, is also a data and assessment manager for Avant Assessment. Linguacious develops research-based and innovative physical vocabulary flashcard games for children in several languages, including Hebrew, Turkish, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, and others. Children can play over ten different games with the cards to learn and practice vocabulary, quiz themselves independently across all four language skills, and hear a native speaker pronounce the word in each flashcard by scanning the QR code on each card with the Linguacious app. The company’s dream and goal, in Dr. Santos’s words, is: “We want to publish our vocabulary card games in as many languages as our lifetime will allow. We want kids to be proud of their linguistic heritage and appreciate the linguistic heritage of others.”

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