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Helping EL Students Learn Math Concepts

Available for implementation in grades K–5 for back to school 2019, Curriculum Associates’ new Ready Classroom Mathematics empowers all students to own their learning through discourse-based instruction that embodies the true intent and demands of the standards. The program provides purposeful, data-driven instruction while supporting teachers as they facilitate meaningful mathematical discourse. It is engaging for all learners and manageable for teachers.

Ready Classroom Mathematics breaks each math concept into three different lesson types to help support conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application.
Using a combination of print and online resources, the standards-aligned program provides ample opportunities for practice and assessment to ensure that students understand concepts and make connections.

The program follows the universal design for learning (UDL) and integrates the multitiered system of supports framework to address the needs of all learners, with a strong focus on prevention. Students might participate in a small group with the teacher, engage in a center activity with other students, or work individually on learning games or practice that reinforces learning.

Student worktexts, a teacher’s guide, discourse cards, practice tests with multiple item types, and manipulative kits for each grade level are included within the program. The student worktexts, teacher’s guide, and discourse cards are all available both in print and online and in English and Spanish.

Additional digital resources for students include a parental letter for every lesson, unit flow and progression videos, learning tools, and learning games. Additional digital resources for teachers include an online teacher toolbox, tutorial videos, math tools, comprehension checks, and learning game reports.

Ready Classroom Mathematics additionally includes a variety of professional learning resources built into the beginning of every unit to support educators with the concepts within the unit and to help them understand the research from which the program was built. It also offers professional learning to help educators support English learners, including language differentiation strategies that provide scaffolds for the five WIDA language proficiency levels and ideas for community and cultural responsiveness that can be incorporated in the lesson.

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