ELSA: English Language Speech Assistant

ELSA, or English Language Speech Assistant, is a mobile app for language learners that helps to improve pronunciation and reduce accents, using state-of-the-art speech recognition, automated feedback, and deep learning technology.

ELSA listens to the way language learners pronounce words, sentences, or conversations to pinpoint exact errors and provides real-time, accurate feedback based on pronunciation mistakes with specific suggestions on how to improve. Multiple fresh, practical topics are offered on a weekly basis to help learners do better in their careers and relationships. These fun lessons teach how to pronounce common idioms and expressions and engage in everyday conversation in English.
Students are guided to specific lessons that are best suited for their skill levels with free assessment tests, which provide scores ranging from 0% to 100%. ELSA identifies top pronunciation challenges for each sound, like schwas and dipthongs. The assessment test result is used to personalize learning paths, highlighting which sounds need work. Under the Skills tab of the app, each planet represents a skill; planets with “conquered” flags mean students have scored 80% or more on that particular sound.

After a successful pilot program of ELSA’s educational platform in Vietnam last year, the teacher platform is being offered worldwide. It is also available for businesses and schools, so employees or students can learn anytime, anywhere using the app and administrators can track their learning progress in real time from the organization’s dashboard. www.elsaspeak.com


  1. Boas notícias! Realmente estou muito feliz em saber sobre esta ótima ferramenta Elsa English Language speech Assistant. Eu acho que será mais útil para muitas pessoas que estão interessadas em iniciar sua carreira como escritor profissional. Na verdade, também sou escritor profissional e atualmente trabalho como escritor freelancer em uma famosa agência de serviços de redação acadêmica no Brasil. Então eu acho que essa ferramenta também é muito útil para contagem caracteres da minha escrita. Minha paixão é escrever e ajudar os alunos a melhorar sua habilidade de escrever. Eu sou muito apreciado com esta profissão. Então eu aprecio muito o autor por compartilhar esse excelente conceito sobre Marketing. Obrigado.!

  2. Modern technologies never cease to amaze me. I’m going to check this app out. Thanks so much for sharing.

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