Urge Congress to Support the Legacy of Esther Martinez

    Do you have two minutes to support Native American Language Programs?

    The Esther Martinez Native American Languages Programs Reauthorization Act strengthens Tribally-developed Native American language revitalization programs across the country.

    The program recognizes and honors the late storyteller and Tewa language advocate, Esther Martinez, who passed away in 2006.

    We’re so close…the Senate has already passes the bill (unanimously).

    Now, members of the House can show support by cosponsoring the legislation.

    H.R. 912 would:

    1. Reauthorize the language grants program until 2024;
    2. Expand eligibility for those programs to smaller-sized Tribal language programs; and
    3. Allow both programs to offer longer grant periods.

    We need your help to get Esther’s legacy across the finish-line:

    Thank you for your support!