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Spanish through Music & Friendship in Tijuana

Univoice Corporation, the developer of a language-learning platform that teaches languages exclusively through music, has started its first learning class in Tijuana, Mexico. This inaugural class focuses on teaching Spanish to English speakers in an immersive, collaborative, and fun environment.

The free classes began in August at Espacio Migrante, a cultural center and shelter for Central American migrants, and will run through October. The program includes several language/cultural exchange activities including an excursion with a group of Mixtec women, working in the binational garden with local community volunteers, meeting professionals, and enjoying the best of Tijuana’s street food.

“Espacio Migrante and Univoice both share a common mission, and that is to connect people across linguistic and cultural borders, through direct dialogue with our transborder community and the people arriving to our region every day due to migration. We do so with enthusiasm, and we believe in the richness and diversity brought by this cultural exchange,” said Paulina Olvera Cáñez, director of the Espacio Migrante. “We are thrilled to host this program and look forward to providing a fun atmosphere where people can enjoy our music, our food, and have real human interaction, all while learning to speak Spanish.”

Classes are led by Daniel Watman, a 20-year language-teaching veteran with a master’s in Spanish linguistics. “We are delighted to be having someone of Dan’s caliber leading our first-ever class. He has been instrumental in driving cross-border relations through his efforts at Friendship Park, and his ability to mentor Spanish students is second to none,” said Sami Halabi, CEO of Univoice Corporation.

Univoice envisions sponsoring multiple classes across the globe, led by local community leaders who embrace the Univoice spirit of learning through music and human connection. To join a class or host your own, email [email protected].

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