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The Latest on American Idioms and Slang

Slangman is back with a brand new, full-color series for the classroom. The Slangman Guide to STREET SPEAK 1 is a first-of-its-kind full-color classroom textbook, workbook, and audio and video series that teaches students not only what to say—namely, idioms and slang—but how to speak using typical American contractions and reductions.

One of the special features in this new series is the inclusion of QR codes where students are encouraged to take out their mobile devices and listen to the free audio programs. “Yes, take out their mobile devices!” says Slangman. He goes on to explain, “So many teachers tell me about their frustration with having to tell their students to put away their mobile devices in class. So, I figured, ‘Why fight it?’ Why not create something that allows them to do what comes naturally?”

But Slangman has taken the QR codes one unique and exciting step further. The yellow QR codes take the students to SlangmanTV on YouTube where, among many other videos, they will find “Slangman Friday”—a special video episode that updates every week presenting a top five list of idioms and slang used on popular national TV shows and news programs that very week.

“This way, students will know they are learning the most up-to-date idioms and slang they will hear as soon as they watch any American TV. Plus, the series can never get outdated!” boasts Slangman. “Teachers really like the fact that the links to the audio and video programs will never expire. And there are no special download codes. You just scan the QR code or type in the link and it’s all free… and always will be!” he adds.

Teachers and students can expect the same fun design as before:

  • Whimsical illustrations present the literal and figurative meanings of each idiom (such as “have a blast” with a very happy man being blasted out of a cannon);
  • Dialogues using slang and idioms based on a theme (such as “at a party,” “in school,” “to your health,” “on the road,” “shopping,” etc.);
  • Translations of the dialogue in standard English on the opposite page for easy reference;
  • The “Real Speak” section, where the dialogue is rewritten as it would actually be spoken using contractions and reductions;
  • The “Slangman Files” section, which lists slang and idioms in a given category with lots of context examples;
  • Word games for the classroom and individual study; and
  • A workbook has also been added to the series, so that teachers do not have to create homework assignments.

For more information, or to preview a chapter along with the audio and videos, visit

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