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How to Effectively Coach Bilingual and Dual-Language Teachers

In Coaching Teachers in Bilingual and Dual-Language Classrooms, published by Solution Tree, author Alexandra Guilamo details how to create an effective observation and feedback cycle to coach teachers in bilingual and dual-language classrooms.

Throughout the resource, readers gain insight into pertinent and comprehensive coaching theory and acquire implementable strategies for coaching, sourced directly from Guilamo’s firsthand work and experience.

“Bilingual and dual-language teachers serve the fastest-growing student demographic in the U.S., and they deserve and require support,” explains Guilamo, who is a leading expert in the implementation, education, and effective leadership of dual-language, bilingual, and language-learner education. “That is the goal of this book—to provide the tools that coaches need to level the playing field in schools. In the end, structuring schools to provide equal access to instructional supports is the only way to make it work for all teachers and transform outcomes for students.”

The book is divided into two sections, the first of which answers the question, what essential skills or perspectives do coaches need to focus the observation and feedback cycle into continuous opportunities to transform bilingual and dual-language instruction?

The second section answers the question, what are the four stages of the observation and feedback cycle, and how can teachers consistently and correctly engage in this cycle if they don’t speak the language of instruction?

José Medina, author, Language Magazine contributor, and educational consultant, gave high praise to the title, explaining, “Coaching Teachers in Bilingual and Dual-Language Classrooms changes the game for educators who are charged to serve language learners in U.S. classrooms. By clearly delineating a coaching and feedback cycle that aligns with the latest research and recommendations in serving emergent bilingual and dual-language students, educators and school leaders now have a road map that can guide their journey as biliteracy instructional coaches.”

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