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Outschool Seeking 5,000 Freelance Part-time Teachers

Teacher explaining lesson in video call while girl taking notes

Live educational platform Outschool is looking for 5000 additional teachers to help fill the incredible demand that has arisen due to COVID-19 (up 500% last week and going up exponentially daily as schools close). Teachers set the curriculum, schedule and price for classes, and typically earn around $40/hour.

The platform is a marketplace of live online classes for kids ages 3-18. Classes meet in small groups over live video chat where students are safely connected with teachers and classmates who share their interests. These classes are offered through our marketplace and conducted on our remote learning platform, powered by Zoom.

Applicants need to fill out an application form, record a brief introduction video, and pass a background check. Once approved, teachers can start submitting classes and get enrollments. There’s no long term commitment and they can currently accept applicants from US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They expect to add UK soon as they broaden their ability to conduct background checks.

Outschool is also offering FREE classes for kids/families (limit $200 per family) affected by school shutdowns at public schools, up to $300K worth of classes in total, with the help of Zoom. They are continuing to seek additional donations to keep increasing free class availability.

Outschool is partnering with schools in the San Francisco Bay Area to help prepare them for any closures and would like to help schools anywhere that are already affected or are working on readiness plans. If you are a school leader preparing for potential closure, visit

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