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Abu Dhabi Announces Five-Year Plan to Promote Arabic

Sheikh Khalid bin Mohamed approves the Arabic Language Center’s strategy for 2020 to 2025

Sheikh Khalid bin Mohamed, chair of the Abu Dhabi Executive Office, has approved the Arabic Language Center’s strategy for 2020 to 2025, which will focus on a few core areas to preserve and encourage the use of the language, including using Arabic content, developing digital platforms in the language, and encouraging research to promote it at all levels.

The center was established in March under the directive of Abu Dhabi president Sheikh Khalifa to bring attention to the language and strengthen its use among Emiratis. The center will also perform periodical reviews of Arabic language curricula at schools to ensure pupils are developing a strong grasp of Arabic. The reviews will also help deduce what the challenges facing modern Arabic language are, reports the state news agency, WAM.

The center will be responsible for preparing studies and reports about Arabic content, launching initiatives to enhance Arabic materials, and spreading awareness initiatives to support Arabic language development. It will measure how effectively language is being used to enhance Emirati national identity while strengthening a culture of Arabic reading throughout the community. Other projects include plans for scientific research in Arabic, translation to encourage non-Arabic speakers to learn the language, and establishing Arabic language libraries, artworks, book fairs, and conferences.

Promoting the Arabic language and preserving cultural heritage has long been a priority in the United Arab Emirates. Last year, Sheikh Khalid bin Mohamed, member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, called on the Emirates executive committee to develop new programs to improve Arabic language skills and foster storytelling through poetry in the community. He said the aim of the initiative was to revive Emirati cultural traditions and to ensure young people had access to those traditions.

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