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Paraguay Offers Korean in Schools

Starting this year, middle and high school students in Paraguay can learn Korean as a second foreign language subject, according to the Ministry of...

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Reading Materials

A selection to enthuse your students

World Of Reading

For over 30 years, World of Reading has offered readers in a variety of languages from publishers worldwide—from Albanian to Vietnamese books. They have readers for preschool, elementary, middle and high school, college, and modern and classic adult fiction. They offer bilingual and monolingual readers. They have affordable paperback editions and durable hardback editions. Some of the readers include glossaries and/or activities for vocabulary, reading comprehension, and extension. Other readers offer workbooks and/or teacher guides. Some series offer graded levels of readers, and many include downloadable audio. Some readers may cover certain themes or topics and others relate to science, math or technology, great for immersion programs. Whether a teacher is looking for readers for a beginner level, intermediate, or advanced, translations or authentic literature, they have it covered. Teachers want engaging readers to motivate their students. World of Reading can help them find the best readers for their needs.


Voces Digital, a division of Teacher’s Discovery, offers online language curricula to world language teachers in the US. They have recently developed Our Storyscape, a digital EFL curriculum designed for native Spanish speakers. With a focus on stories and storytelling, as well as culture, authentic materials, and assessment, Our Storyscape provides a strong foundation for language development and acquisition in levels A1 and A2. Try it out and start a 30-day free trial today.

Educational Academic Publishing

Build a functional mastery of the English language in one year or less.
Direct Instruction Spoken English (DISE) is the answer to English language acquisition. The program addresses the needs of English language learners by building their knowledge of English through carefully designed, systematic oral instruction. Designed for students ten years or older who have an understanding of basic concepts in their first language, DISE is a systematic, mastery-based program that introduces and practices the essentials of spoken English:

  • Semantics—word and language meaning
  • Syntax—grammar and word order
  • Pragmatics—the contexts in which different types of language are appropriate (such as informal vs. formal language).

All instruction is delivered in English, fully scripted in a teacher presentation book. All student material is in the form of displays that are projected or viewed on a tablet or computer screen.
Learn more about DISE at or email them at [email protected].

Crabtree Publishing

For over 45 years, Crabtree Publishing has been a trusted source for pre-K–9+ curriculum books and resources. Each resource blends accuracy, immediacy, and eye-catching illustration with the goal of inspiring nothing less than a lifelong interest in reading and learning in children.

Beautifully illustrated books and educational resources on curriculum subjects include animals, cultures, life and physical sciences, geography, history, mathematics, digital technology, social–emotional learning, and biographies. Colorful and entertaining fiction has also become a strong part of Crabtree’s product line for young readers.

Crabtree’s imprint lines feature early and emergent reading, hi–lo, and nonfiction titles to support pre-K–9 curriculum. Leveled fiction, first chapter books, and high-interest reading are among Crabtree’s collections that support classroom and independent reading. The Sunshine picture books, Blossoms beginning readers, and Leaves chapter book imprints feature new illustrated fiction to help build reading skills and support comprehension at each stage of development.

Crabtree’s Little Honey phonics collection features new decodable readers, phonics readers, and phonics words to help children build phonics skills to become successful readers.

The books are published in a variety of world language options such as Spanish, Creole, and French, as well as in e-book and read-along formats.

To learn more about Crabtree’s reading imprints, visit


Okapi Educational Publishing™ provides resources for developing the literacy of K–5 students. Okapi is committed to offering products built on best-practice instruction, helping teachers ignite learning and ensure their students exceed standards. Okapi’s award-winning and engaging materials give children a purpose for their reading and inspire further inquiry. With materials closely correlated to the College and Career Readiness Standards, Okapi fulfills its mission of creating real-world literacy for real-world kids with real-world results. Okapi meets diverse student needs through flexible, high-quality instructional resources, currently in use nationwide in a range of programs and a variety of instructional settings. Their resources will empower each student to take responsibility for their own literacy and language growth, producing powerful results.

Saddleback Educational Publishing

The Story of America
Saddleback Educational Publishing has launched a dynamic collection of hi–lo nonfiction handbooks paired with historical fiction books created to depict the diverse perspectives of the peoples, cultures, voices, and stories that created America.

Ideal for middle school and high school multilevel classrooms, the pair of box sets covers US history from the earliest peoples through 2022. Each box set features six nonfiction handbooks and 30 historical fiction books to really engage students in reading about their own history. To help learners put their reading into context and overcome comprehension difficulties, each box set comes with three boxes of informational cards covering vocabulary, people and groups, and timelines.

Instructional support guides are also available with lesson plans suitable for whole classes, small groups, or partners. The guides feature in-depth lesson plans along with graphic organizers and quizzes.

The box sets are a welcome collection of historical reading matter presented in a digestible format and written at an accessible reading level (3.0 to 4.5) that is engaging for middle school and high school striving learners of all backgrounds.

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