Greetings from Malaga

    Assistant Editor Kate Sommers-Dawes is in Spain today (El Día del Español) and writes:

    Had an outstanding tour of Malaga today after visiting Malaca Language School in the hills surrounding the city which were surprisingly similar in appearance to our rolling, casita-dotted Hollywood Hills. Combined with the weather, it almost felt like home.

    Later visited the Picasso museum (as this city is the place of his birth) with its hundreds of sketches, paintings, and ceramics created over his lifetime. The maestro completed over 50,000 works of art in his lifetime and many were on display in the museum, which was originally the 15th century palace of a Duke who came to Malaga to aid in ending the Moorish occupation of the city. In the museum’s basement were Phoenician ruins from 7th century BCE; reminding of us of how far Malaga’s roots stretched into history.

    In a late afternoon tour of the city, we visisted the place of Picasso’s birth and the church (originally a mosque, of course) in which he was baptized.

    Currently, I am listening to Flamenco singing and guitar-strumming on Malaga’s local radio station and packing for our early morning journey by bus to Granada!


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