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Background Knowledge and Where to Get It

Stephen Krashen argues that those who read more know more Wexler (2023) has pointed out that a reader’s background knowledge is a significant predictor...
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May 2012

May 2012 Cover

The Secret of Mayan Success
Kristal Bivona catches a glimpse of Mayan language preservation in Quintana Roo, Mexico

Making Spanish Work
Michelle Buehring offers advice on instituting a workplace Spanish program

Interview with Rod Ellis
Answers on the line between research and practice, and task-based teaching

Striking Gold Down Under
Kristal Bivona shares her experience of the English immersion destination that lives up to the promise of its name: The Gold Coast

Travel Guiding
There has never been such a variety of ways to learn away from home, so Language Magazine offers some suggestions

Integrating Immersion Programs
Mark Rentz explains how and why universities should re-align their Intensive English Programs to better serve the long-term goals of students and the university as a whole

Last Writes Richard Lederer and the humanness of language

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