Music Education Boosts Language and Literacy

78774956New research presented at the American Psychological Association’s annual meeting links music education to increased learning and literacy skills. The findings, which involved hundreds of kids participating in musical training programs in Chicago and Los Angeles public schools, highlight the role learning music can have on the brains of youth in impoverished areas, according to presenter Nina Kraus, PhD, a neurobiologist at Northwestern University.



  1. Dear Editors,
    It is not fair to call something ‘a new research’ that was invented
    and initiated to Hungarian schools in the middle of the last century
    by the Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály.He insisted on music
    teaching at elementary schools to improve all the skills of pupils.
    His method has been used all over the world since then from Japan
    to the USA as well.The core of the method is folk dancing, playing
    the flute and singing. Those are still practiced in so called ‘Kodály
    music schools’, but there are singing lessons weekly at every type of scholls all over the country.
    Krisztina Dávid from Hungary

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