September 2016

    cover-sept-2016-2In Our September Issue: 

    Stressing Classy Communication Margo Gottlieb and Gisela Ernst-Slavit know that academic language is important for all students and essential for English language learners

    Testing Benefits Mariana Castro shows what language proficiency assessments have to offer educators of English Learners

    Helping Students Find their Voices Adrienne Almeida examines the unique challenges that ELL students face and the impact these challenges have on their social-emotional and academic health

    Curing Initiative Fatigue Stacy Hurst and Laura Axtell explain how to kick off the new school year with buy-in from everyone

    On the Road to Multilingualism Bilingual rapper GüeroLoco takes us on his passionate journey to
    promote language learning and allow students to reap the benefits

    Citizens of the World Beth Marshall believes that awareness of global citizenry is the true goal of language education





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