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Free Bilingual E-Books

Moondrop Entertainment, the creator of Drawp for School educational software, and Infinity Insurance, sponsor of the award-winning Read Conmigo bilingual literacy program, are working together to provide digital versions of free Spanish and English bilingual books to elementary schools. The complete Read Conmigo library will be rolled out on the Drawp Resource Marketplace, a site for teachers to browse, access, and share lesson plans and other educational resources for K–12 students.

The first set of eleven Read Conmigo books launched with Drawp includes themes of friendship, healthy living, saving money, and surviving the first day of school. Read Conmigo books also include cultural themes and holidays including Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, and the Day of the Dead. Additional books from the Read Conmigo library will be added to the Drawp Resource Marketplace throughout the year. Lesson plans are included for each book in the series.

“The missions of Read Conmigo and Drawp for School overlap,” said Ana Albir, Drawp for School CEO and founder, “in that we both create resources that support English language learners, their families, and their teachers.”

The Drawp for School platform allows students to tag areas of a book page with voice recordings called voice stickers. Students can read passages from the books while recording their voices as a way to improve vocabulary and fluency in their target language. Teachers can use voice stickers to correct pronunciation on the page or give feedback on students’ work. Drawp also includes features for drawing and painting as well as adding text and photos to assignments. Drawp collaboration features let students simply swipe to share with other students, turn in work to their teachers, or instantly share their creations with their parents.

Moondrop is a recipient of a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to research and develop language-learning software using the Drawp for School platform for English language learners (ELLs). The addition of the Read Conmigo library to the Drawp Resource Marketplace makes it easier for ELL teachers to engage students with rich bilingual stories.

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