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Tutoring App Bridges Gap for Language Learners

elementary school students with smartphonesFor many students, having a personal tutor to help them learn new languages, while a fantastic opportunity, may seem out of reach due to financial, geographical, or a myriad of other difficulties. Star Tutors falls in line with the current trend of virtual education and virtual teaching, and aims to make tutoring more accessible to students. Students can access their app on personal devices and their laptop computers.

With so many language-learning apps—whether for translation, teaching, or conversing with other students—it can be difficult to tell which apps are best for specific cases. Star Tutors, while not for language-learners exclusively, is good for students who don’t have time to make ongoing appointments with tutors and would instead prefer to have personal virtual tutoring on a case-by-case basis.

The educational level ranges from middle school to high school levels, and the program can be accessed easily through StarU—the tutoring app. Students login, enter credit card information, and enter their subjects of study. Then, if a tutor is online, they chat face-to-face (similar to Skype) with the student and utilize a digital whiteboard to explain problems to students that they may have.

This alternative mode of tutoring works for both students who need a little bit of extra help in language-learning, and tutors who are looking for flexibility.

Kristelle Monterrosa, a current teacher at Star Tutors says she enjoys the informal setting where she can act less as teacher, and more as a mentor trying to help an individual student. “The students actually request more tutoring because the sessions aren’t ‘teach and be taught’,” she says, “We talk through problems like you would with an older sibling. When parents see that their kids are having a positive experience while excelling academically, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

The flexibility that tutors have while working through an app rather than in person is also a perk for Monterrosa. “The tutors can work when they want, from where they want. StarU is the full package. It’s a high quality, engaging tutoring experience with added convenience that kids have come to expect today.”

Their website can be viewed here.

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