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Solutions-Based Nonprofit Offering Next-Generation Fellowship Program for Educators

The free 10-month program is designed to equip teams of educators to better adapt to and embrace changes through futures thinking and resilience

mindSpark Learning (mSL), a Denver-based national nonprofit, has announced the launch of mSL futureS, a 10-month next generation educator fellowship program. mSL futureS is designed to prepare educators to accept and embrace ambiguities through free resilience and futures thinking training. The first trimester begins July 15. 

Participants must register in teams of three to five classroom educators to create their fellow group. Over the course of three trimesters, these fellow groups will work with a cohort of 20 peers to develop mental pathways to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond.

During the first trimester, mSL futureS fellows will learn to develop and understand their role as Educator Futurists. The second and third trimesters involve solving problems that are relevant to their organization and iterating solutions. Each fellow group will develop a portfolio presentation detailing their experiences, challenges and outcomes at the conclusion of the fellowship. 

“There is no better time to reimagine education and educators are uniquely positioned to drive innovation and create solutions leading to an education system that is better than the one we left behind before the pandemic,” said mindSpark Learning CEO Kellie Lauth. “We’re thrilled to launch mSL futureS as a way to shift educator mindsets to include futures thinking, while reinforcing resilience and empathy.”  For more information and to register, visit

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