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Curriculum Associates Offering i-Ready Updates and New Resources

Curriculum Associates recently announced a collection of new resources and back-to-school product features designed to support educators and students during the 2020–2021 school year. These new offerings include a recently launched online toolkit for addressing the challenges of the coming school year, with a whitepaper and multiple videos on how i-Ready can be leveraged to help address these challenges. The company is also releasing a host of new i-Ready product features to address and support unfinished learning from last year.

“As a company committed to service, our team is focused on doing everything we can to help our educator partners and their students navigate the uncertainty of the new school year,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “We’ve designed these latest offerings to support successful teaching and address the unique learning needs of each student, whether at school or at home.”

The online toolkit includes the new One Hundred Leaders’ View on the Back to School Challenge whitepaper, which distills insights from district leaders across the country into four essential needs that must be met for success in the year ahead. This resource, developed from months of deep engagement with leaders, outlines these critical needs and the ways in which Curriculum Associates and i-Ready are supporting teachers and leaders in setting students on a path to success this fall.

The toolkit additionally features videos and support materials detailing how i-Ready addresses these unique needs for the school year ahead. These critical supports include providing multi-grade understanding of student needs, establishing goals that are both attainable and ambitious, materials designed to help balance prerequisite and grade-level learning, and instruction created with both quality and ease of use in mind.

Curriculum Associates is launching numerous i-Ready updates prior to the start of the school year in an effort to empower educators, offer flexibility, and support unfinished learning. These enhancements, many of which were accelerated based on feedback from educators about their most pressing needs, aim to provide deeper insights for teachers and offer scenario plans and guidance to support learning and assessment, whether it takes place at home or at school. These updates also aim to provide significant new reporting and resources that help teachers uncover and address unfinished learning by strategically preparing students for success in grade-level instruction.

Reading resources for Grades 3–8 will also be available in order to help teachers scaffold students’ comprehension and empower all learners to participate in grade-level Reading instruction. New historical i-Ready reporting will also be available in order to help districts compare students’ instructional performance from last year. Additional new reporting features and functionality will also be added, including the ability to identify student needs with more precision with five overall placement levels on Diagnostic Results. i-Ready will also feature a new online learning platform that extends professional development, new K–8 lessons, Learning Games for middle schoolers, more culturally responsive content, added integrated support for English Learners, and ongoing accessibility improvements.

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