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Implementing a Bilingual Authorization Program

In Fall 2022, Whittier College’s Teacher Education program launched their online bilingual authorization program (BILA). In year 1, the program was initially fully asynchronous,...

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Shine a Light on Bilingualism

Winning student art from Renaissance’s art contest to celebrate Hispanic culture and Spanish-English biliteracy

The winners were chosen by Renaissance’s RAICES (Respectfully Amplify the Impact of our Culture to Empower and Succeed) employee resource group and Biliteracy Advisory Council.

Grades 9–12

Title: “Fusion”

Artist: Gabriela, grade 10, Texas

Gabriela’s inspiration: “Lo que me inspiró para el desarrollo de esta obra fue mi cultura. Soy de México, y me gusta mostrar mi identidad hispana orgullosamente. Quería transmitir la belleza de la fusion de culturas y tradiciones; pienso que esta mezcla es enriquecedora en todos los aspectos.”

(What inspired me to develop this work was my culture. I am from Mexico, and I like to show my Hispanic identity proudly. I wanted to convey the beauty of the fusion of cultures and traditions; I think this mixture is enriching in all aspects.)

Download the poster

Grades 4–8

Title: “Under the Basilica”

Artist: Ananya, grade 8, Mississippi

Ananya’s inspiration: “Multiple features in my artwork symbolize parts of Hispanic culture, such as the colorful banners, sugar skulls, and decorated candles. Other non-concrete aspects of Hispanic culture are also shown, such as a strong belief in religion, through the towering cathedral. The two people communicating on the road show the sense of community. The woman carrying a sack of maize on her back indicates the hard work put forth each day in Hispanic communities.

In all, the inspiration for my artwork is the masterful culture of Hispanic communities, which is prominent today and should be recognized  Download the poster

Grades K–3

Title: “Me-et the Hispanic Heritage”

Artist: Lenox, grade 3, New York

Lenox’s inspiration: “I drew the Statue of Liberty because I’m a New Yorker, and I drew an empanada because I’m part Colombian. I wrote words in both languages for it to represent those two languages I speak.”

Download the poster

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