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Paraguay Offers Korean in Schools

Starting this year, middle and high school students in Paraguay can learn Korean as a second foreign language subject, according to the Ministry of...

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Power Up Language Learning with the Proficiency Cycle

“How can we elevate our language learners, celebrate their hard-earned talents, and bring our program to new heights?” The answer? Harness the magic of data. Educators are guiding stars, illuminating each step of the proficiency cycle for their learners: a transformative journey of assessment, insight, learning acceleration, and the thrill of achievement. Avant is here to support and amplify this incredible journey.

Valid and Reliable Assessment.
Imagine a roadmap tailored for every learner, one where each milestone feels like a personal triumph. Reliable assessments aren’t just cold statistics; they’re the heartbeats of progress, lighting up the path with defined objectives and accomplishments. True growth isn’t limited to an annual exam. It’s the everyday victories, the small but tangible steps forward. Avant STAMP isn’t just any assessment tool—it’s the gold standard, available in 45 languages – including ASL and Latin. And with endorsements from the prestigious American Council on Education (ACE), pathways light up from K-12 to Higher Education in recognition of the skills learners have acquired leading up to college.

Personalized Learning Journeys.
Dive deep into a treasure trove of data. Every number, every trend, whispers a story—about a learner’s strengths, aspirations, and areas ripe for growth. Knowledge is indeed power, and with this enriched understanding, educators can sculpt lessons and interventions that resonate, inspire, and elevate.

Teacher Professional Learning.
Picture a classroom where teachers brim with confidence, their enthusiasm infectious. With Avant ADVANCE and Avant MORE Learning, educators are architects of dreams, armed with a profound understanding of proficiency guidelines and data wizardry. And with our elite team of experts at MEDLI supporting you, your Dual Language/Bilingual Immersion programs aren’t just effective—they’re revolutionary.

College and Career Pathways.
Avant STAMP isn’t just an assessment—it’s a passport to a powerful credentials, including the prestigious State and Global Seals of Biliteracy. Teachers and students proudly pin these badges onto their profiles, college applications, and resumes. Learners aren’t just showcasing their skills—they’re announcing to the world their readiness for global adventures and opportunities in the working world.

With Avant’s unmatched expertise, your language program won’t just progress—it will soar. Ready for a journey that redefines limits and ignites dreams?

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