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How to Best Support English Learners at Home

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, English learners (ELs), like many students, already faced challenges at school. How to engage and teach ELs when they’re learning from home is another new challenge educators are facing. Beginning with factors that affect all students, here are some ideas to help. Maslow Before BloomIn...

City Schools Offer Guidance on English Learners

A new report from the Council of the Great City Schools suggests a wide range of actions that schools and districts can take to help English learners (ELs) make up for the educational opportunities lost during the first few months of school closures due to the pandemic. Supporting English Learners in the...

From Watering Down to Challenging: Breaking Down the Wall, One Essential Shift at a Time

DAN ALPERT: In Breaking Down the Wall, you underscore the problem of tracking English learners into lower-level courses in which “they experience a curriculum that remediates, rather than accelerates.” What are the most effective ways to combat this tendency at both the school and classroom levels?

The Science of Reading

Does reading really matter that much now that we’re in the digital age? Yes! In fact, in the digital age, when we encounter so many different texts and messages every day, our critical and analytical abilities may even matter more than ever. Without...
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