Spanish for Kids

    Language Magazine’s Victoria is setting off for Guatemala today to escort her 7 year old daughter while she takes a Spanish immersion program for kids at CSA Antigua.
    We’ll keep you posted with their progress.

    Update from Guatemala:
    on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 2:31pm

    Valentina is looooooooooooooooving her Spanish classes and her teacher. It is like a playground for learning spanish painting, drawing, cut and pasting. CSA is fabulous. Everyone is so kind, helpful and very professional. The best Spanish school I´ve attended in Antigua, Guatemala. Valentina met her Guatemalan grandmother (abuela) on Sunday

    The Guatemalan family we are staying with is great – our accommodations are clean and simple. The hospitality outdoes the luxury, which is what we wanted.

    Valentina’s classes are like an art , painting and singing class all in Spanish. Couldn´t be more pleased. Her words after 4 hours of ¨studying´: “when do we go back to my school.”

    Victoria and Valentina