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Fluency Matters to Readers

Fluency Matters offers a wide range of compelling leveled readers specifically designed to facilitate language acquisition with novice to intermediate level students. All readers are strategically written with a manageable number of unique words, making them highly comprehensible to even novice-level students.

Core vocabulary is masterfully woven into a compelling story, which inconspicuously provides repeated exposure to key language structures and, naturally and pleasantly, leads learners down the path to proficiency. Fluency Matters readers are unrivaled in their effectiveness for sustaining student engagement and facilitating language acquisition.

Each reader meets specific criteria, including a level-appropriate unique-word count, a high frequency factor (the number of exposures to core language structures within a text), and a captivating plot that appeals to all genders and age groups.

Readers are leveled by unique word count, vocabulary level, and sentence complexity. Unique word counts range from just 75 unique words (novice-low) to 600 (intermediate-mid). Beginning novels draw from the top 200 words in the language, while upper level reads pull from the top 500 to 600 words.

Regardless of the level, the goal is to engage learners in a story that is so comprehensible, enjoyable, and compelling that they don’t even ‘notice’ it is in the target language. The end result is the

acquisition of the most frequently used words in the language. Learners naturally and efficiently acquire authentic language while their attention is focused on a compelling story, not on the drudgery of memorizing vocabulary or studying grammar. Even the most reluctant readers/students find joy and success with Fluency Matters readers.

Readers can choose from a wide variety of genres: nonfiction, fiction, historical, cultural, humor, adventure, and sci-fi. Regardless of the level or the genre, students can bank on a riveting read—every time.

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