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Exact Path for English Learners

It is sometimes a challenge for teachers to determine an English language learner’s (ELL’s) skill level. Edmentum—an education technology company based in Minneapolis—supports the diverse needs of ELLs through a flexible approach to learning.

Edmentum’s individualized learning program, Exact Path, helps ELLs and all students acquire academic skills by practicing in learning paths aligned to their unique goals.
The program’s 100% mobile-optimized learning paths support K–8 students in reading, language arts, and math, allowing teachers to spend less time planning and more time teaching. Each path is backed by instructionally sound curriculum created by subject-matter experts. Based on their assessment scores, students receive tailored playlists of content suited to their skill levels.

Other key features of Exact Path include the ability to:
Identify students below, on, and above grade level;
Measure real-time progress and academic growth by skill;
Create complete student profiles of individual strengths and needs.
The program supports different learning modalities by incorporating listening, speaking, reading, and writing support. Audio and visual supports help differentiate content for all students. It also contains animated content that offers contextual clues for students.

Through the evaluation of a student’s complete progression of academic skills, teachers can intervene and personalize instruction where appropriate. These functionalities, combined with an easy-to-use interface and adaptive learning programs, help to keep all students on an even playing field.
Exact Path is designed for grades K–8 and is available for purchase now for the new school year.

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